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Editorial: Students - Keep homecoming momentum

By all accounts Farmington High School pulled off another great homecoming celebration this week. Friday night's football game drew a large, enthusiastic crowd and the team rewarded its fans with a dominating performance on the field. Other events throughout the week also attracted good participation from students and Wednesday's homecoming parade filled the sidewalks along its route.

There were no significant complaints about student misbehavior but we did hear a few stories that give us just the slightest pause. Stories about homes toilet papered and other pranks pulled. There was nothing on the scale of the vandalism and recklessness that led to a full-scale overhaul of homecoming celebrations a few years ago. But given the history of homecoming in Farmington any such activity is enough of a change from recent years to catch our attention.

Farmington High School students deserve a lot of credit for reclaiming control of their annual celebration of student pride. Homecoming at FHS has gone from a source of community embarassment to a source of pride. The students involved in the turnaround have gotten well-deserved attention at the state and national levels.

We wonder, though, if this year's activities, minor though they might have been, were the result of a class of students young enough to not be aware of the problems once caused by class rivalries and midnight TP raids.

We don't begrudge high school students a little fun. And we don't believe FHS has suddenly been overrun by a crowd of troublemaking teens. As long as nobody gets hurt and no damage is done to property there shouldn't be a problem. But we know how much hard work went into making homecoming the positive celebration it is today and we know how little it would take to send it the other direction. We think it's worth being just a little bit more vigilant to make sure that doesn't happen.