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Letter: Bev Topp is a good choice for House

To the editor,

I am a resident of Eureka Township and have known Bev Topp for more than a decade. When Bev was on the township board she impressed me with the way she brought citizens together to address the issues that were of importance to all of us. She helped to form several task forces -- populating them with a wide range of experienced citizens -- to address: how the township might grow in the future; whether or not the township should create an ordinance to allow for commercial business, and how to update the mining ordinance in response to industry and citizens' needs.

She worked effectively in urging state and county officials, various agencies, and many environmental and hunting groups to establish the DNR Wildlife Management area on Chub Lake, thereby protecting it from development. She also worked with many of those same groups and several more, to create the successful Farmland and Natural Areas Program of Dakota County. This program protects ground and surface water in our county by preserving farmland and natural areas that buffer our rivers and streams and encourages Best Management Practices in farming.

I was especially happy when Bev, because of her efforts with the members of the Dakota County Township Association, brought together township leaders, citizens, regulatory agencies, non -profit groups, and legal parties to scrutinize the CapX high voltage transmission line proposal and to inform and educate us about the facts and concerns about these proposed lines. If built, they would impact a significant portion of southern Minnesota, and especially Dakota County, not just visually but also economically (our rates would increase and locally produced, renewable sources of electricity would not be included on these lines) and physically (negative health effects are associated with the electromagnetic fields associated with this type of powerline). Out of her involvement grew the Citizens Energy Task Force, which secured an attorney to participate in the permitting hearings. This attorney has uncovered a number of facts that conflict with information disseminated by the utilities and has given a much needed voice in this project that will affect ratepayers, concerned environmental advocates, and landowners, far into the future.

Bev has worked tirelessly to give citizens a voice in issues that affect their future and is just the kind of legislator I would like to see at the state capitol. She has my vote on Nov. 4. Will she have yours?

Carrie E. Jennings