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Letter: Pritzlaff can make tough decisions

To the editor,

We have watched David Pritzlaff make tough decisions as a member of the Farmington City Council and appreciate his common sense approach to the issues. He bases his decisions on what is best for the residents of Farmington, whether it be a quality of life issue or working to contain city spending.

With an eye on the future of Farmington David Pritzlaff has increasingly focused his attention of the economic development authority. He recognizes the vital need for new industrial and commercial in Farmington and he has taken action. He sought appointment to the EDA and was elected by his peers to be the chairperson of this board. Through this position he is striving to expand and create a new industrial park and to promote the business opportunities in Farmington to the outside community thus adding to the tax base of Farmington and reducing the financial burden to the citizen taxpayers.

Also, as Farmington's representative on the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority David Pritzlaff is working to get mass transit service to Farmington not only to help residents with their commute but also as a means of getting workers to jobs in Farmington.

Please join us on Nov. 4 in voting to re-elect David Pritzlaff for Farmington City Council.

Mike and Diana Kiser