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Letter: Pritzlaff is dedicated to Farmington

To the editor,

 With election day coming up on Nov. 4, it's time to consider who should fill the important jobs on our school board and city council and for mayor of Farmington.

But as busy as everyone is, how do we figure out who to vote for?  The plain fact is, in our political system we elect representatives to pay attention to things we don't have time for ourselves. Knowing this, candidates first work hard to get our attention and then earn our trust.  Once elected, the best public servants work even harder to keep that trust, balancing their own lives and interests with the demands and second-guessing that comes with what for many becomes their second full-time job.  For voters, finding the right people is crucial.  I haven't made up my mind yet on all of the candidates for all of the offices, but I have on one:  David Pritzlaff gets my vote to be re-elected to the city council. 

This election there are six candidates for two council seats. Of that group no one is as well known as a watchdog, advocate, hard worker or active community volunteer as Dave. Not everyone agrees with him all of the time, but no one can doubt his dedication, tenacity and attention to detail.  He does his homework and puts himself out there with his positions, he'll talk to you about the issues and will listen to your point of view. Chances are, if he hasn't knocked on your door to ask your support he will soon.  And most important to me, he is actively involved with the two biggest issues we face: transportation and expanding our business tax base. 

Solving our transportation problems will go a long way to solving our property tax problem by attracting more and better businesses. Here Dave advocates for Farmington's interests by serving on the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority, the Cedar Group Committee, and the Transit Commission.  He also chairs the Farmington Economic Development Authority.

Dave also takes the time to hear me out on the importance of completing our east-west corridors.  We're finally seeing action on 195th Street connecting Akin Road and Highway 3.  Next we need to fill in the gaps between Highway 3 and 208th Street at the Middle School campus and the gap further west from Akin Road to Pilot Knob Road.  These connections are vital to development and vehicle and pedestrian safety. Any candidate who will step up and make this their top priority, regardless of where the money comes from, will also earn my vote and I urge everyone to insist their favored candidates do the same.   

For more about the candidates for mayor or city council make time to come to the candidate forum on Wednesday Oct. 8 from 6 to 7 p.m. at city hall.  But even if you can't attend I hope you'll join me in voting for Dave Pritzlaff for another term as city councilman. 

John Kapustka