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Letter: Elect forward-thinking board

To the editor,

As a lifetime resident of Farmington and a former school board member I am writing to alert people to the importance of the upcoming school board elections.

My children and several of my grandchildren have attended or are attending schools in District 192 and I have been very satisfied with the education they have received. But after reading the statements of some of the candidates it appears some don't feel that way. They seem to hold personal agendas or carry grudges against individual school administrators. They are against a lot of things but not very clear on what they are for.

Those types of individuals rarely make good school board members. Overseeing the operation of a school district is not an easy task. It takes a mutual respect and a willingness to work together on the board to address the many issues that confront the district.

I urge all voters to become educated about where the individual candidates stand on the important issues and to elect the most forward thinking and qualified candidates to the Farmington School Board. Please everyone get out and vote.

Ronald Thelen