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Letter: Julie McKnight has spent 9 years working for students

To the editor,

I would urge people in the upcoming School District 192 board election to cast their vote for Julie McKnight. Julie McKnight has served the District 192 stakeholders for the past nine years with a great passion and energy for the kids. The cloud of negativity and anger hanging over District 192 these days makes me wonder and worry what kind of effect people with such a negative mindset would have on the kids if elected. The school board needs people who see the glass as half full and are willing to work to fill the remaining half of the glass while also acknowledging the hard work that went into getting the glass half full in the first place. The school board does not need people who see the glass as half empty, throw out the water that is in the glass, and then disconnect the water supply.

During Julie McKnight's time on the board test scores have improved. The relationship between the school board and the certified and non-certified staff has improved tremendously. The district has added more AP classes at the high school and a new pre-engineering program has been added, Project Lead the Way. A new math and reading curriculum has been rolled out for the elementary grades. Class sizes have remained constant which is not the case in many other districts. The much needed new Farmington High School will open in the fall of 2009. The district finances have come from a point where budget cutting was required every year to the point where the district finally has the resources to implement needed new programs.

There are school board candidates who don't mention the kids at all in their words. They portray the district as being in a dismal state while offering no solutions for improvement. These people seem to be driven by personal agendas and vendettas and not by what is best for the kids of this district.

Julie McKnight is a person who always puts the needs and well being of the kids above her own and she deserves your vote.

Terry Donnelly