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Letter: All politics are local

To the editor,

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you've decided who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, and while our national issues are extremely important, they won't affect most people's daily lives. These are affected more by your local school board, city council, and county board.

I writing this to remind residents that the local people you elect could make living in your community a big improvement, or a bigger challenge. Think about the things that matter most in your daily lives. Are your kids in good schools? Are the streets you live and drive on safe? Are your local businesses thriving? These "livability" issues are at the heart of everyday living and deserve at least a small amount of your time. Take time to find out who is running and why. What is their vision for our community? Don't let local officials off the hook any easier than any other elected officials. Ask them the tough questions. If a local council member or mayoral candidate says bringing business to Farmington is their biggest concern remind them it's everyone's biggest concern, and make them answer what specific things they will do to attract new businesses that haven't been done before. In addition ask yourself how you would feel if Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, or any other big box type store came to town, then ask these candidates if they would like that business in town. You might be surprised by the answer. On the same note don't let school board members say they are running because they want smaller class sizes. As my 13-year-old daughter would say, duhh! Ask how they would generate the needed money to hire more teachers to reduce class sizes. The standard "I'll cut wasteful spending," doesn't really answer the question.

I am often asked why we can't have a stop light at this intersection or that intersection (by the way, everyone wants a stop sign/light in their backyard, but nowhere else on their way to work), and almost without fail it will be a county road. Do the candidates you support for the county board support the projects you'd like to see completed?

As you prepare to vote next week please take some time to think about your own backyard. Remember these are the people who decide where the next stop sign is placed, how many AP classes will be offered at the new high school, and the restrictions of fishing in the local river. These are the issues that affect your everyday life. Please get informed, and please vote Nov. 4.

Christy Jo Fogarty,


Christy Jo Fogarty is a member of the Farmington City Council