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Letter: Congratulations, Tigers, on a great football season

To the editor,

I just wanted to congratulate the Farmington Tiger football team on a fantastic season. To have the season end with a loss at home, during the last season played at this Tiger Stadium -- to be honest, I don't think there were many dry eyes in the stands. It was hard on everyone but especially for the senior families and players. This was the end of an era that everyone was hoping to postpone as long as possible.

But out of this heartache came a lot of great things and many accomplishments that we can't overlook.

So let's focus on the positive. A group of 60-plus young men came together to give Farmington something to be proud of: another perfect season. Way to go!

Not many sporting groups can boast that kind of a record. Farmington Tiger football has done it multiple times.

From the boys who were out for the season due to an injury, to the boys who were second and third string, waiting patiently for their chance to tackle something or someone and graced the sidelines with energy, enthusiasm and Tiger Pride to the starters who played every game, this is a team of unique and powerful young men who will use the lessons they learned on the field in their future endeavors.

The players should be proud of and that they did it together speaks volumes of the leadership of these young men and gives us hints of the men they will become.

Football is unique in that community participation is larger than with any sport. On any given Friday, the stands are full of people. Some don't know the players on the field but come because they love the game or they have a history in Farmington. The crowd looks forward to hearing the team sing the school song at the end of the game. Now that is powerful.

The Tigers gave us so much this season but the most important is their legacy to the younger players and students. Every game, you were a wonderful example on how to win and loose gracefully and that is sometimes hard to do.

As one of the Freaky Football Moms I saw how you used this amazing opportunity to be a part of something bigger. You were a team and you treated each other with respect. I know you will look back at this season with pride because you did it together.

Thank you for putting up with all the goofy signs, posters, notes, treats and general craziness from us. We did it all because we loved rooting you on.    

You are an amazing group of young men and whether or not you wear orange and black next year, you will hold a special place in our hearts. I hope you will think back on the weekly sayings, slogans and rhymes with humor and remember the cheer of the crowd at Tiger Stadium.

Way to go Tigers. Thanks for a great season.

Dolly Newberg,


FFBM of No. 26