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Letter: Intersection planning left something to be desired

To the editor,

So after all public meetings, hearings, lawsuits, site plans and who knows what else in preparation of the new high school and only nine months away from its opening someone associated with the new high school project finally figured out that there was going to be a problem with cars full of teenage drivers -- not to mention school buses full of students -- making left turns from Flagstaff onto County 50.

You would have thought that with all of the supposedly intelligent people involved in planning this high school this problem would have been realized at its inception and incorporated into the cost of building the school. Sounds like inadequate planning on someone's part and the school district taxpayers will pick up the tab. Let's not cut corners and risk the lives of motorists (inexperienced and veteran) by making a 3/4 intersection. That's just an accident waiting to happen. Funnel the drivers up to 195th and then to Pilot Knob Road. Give me a break! 195th goes past Meadowview Elementary and Akin Road Elementary and their related neighborhoods. I don't believe that 195th is built to handle the increase in traffic. At least drivers on Flagstaff can enjoy the nice paved road that the school district taxpayers paid for. It all seems incredibly incompetent!

Michael Baumgartner