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Letter: A message in appreciation of veterans

To the editor,

After Mrs. Reese's sixth grade history classes discussed Veteran's Day, a student in her class wrote the following editorial. Mrs. Reese submitted the editorial to the Farmington Independent per the class's request and permission from the student:

Veteran's Day is a day to honor our veterans and to give them our respect and thankfulness for their pain, sacrifice, and hard work. My life consists of three veterans -- my mom, my dad and my brother, Andrew. My parents are currently in the army. My life has been changed by veterans, and yes, I am an "Army Brat." I have moved once to Oklahoma for two years, and my mom is waiting for her orders to go to Georgia.

Some people don't understand what the veterans have given up and sacrificed for our freedom; like the famous phrase, "freedom is not free." Veterans aren't people who just fought in the war. It's all who have served and have given their time to make our country what it is today in all that we have today. They make sacrifices by leaving behind children, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and pets when they are called to serve. We are free to believe in what we want to believe in, and we actually have freedom, because of our veteran's service to our country. Please stop and think about what our veterans have done for us.

Submitted by Mrs. Reese, Farmington Middle School East, sixth grade history, with permission from the student and per request of the class.

Jalyn Anderson


Jalyn is an FMS East sixth grader