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Letter: Pritzlaff enjoyed 4 good years

To the editor,

As December 2008 nears the end and my four-year term as a council member comes to a close, I would like take this opportunity to sum up a few things.

First and foremost I would like to say thank you again to all that voted for me in November 2004 to become your council member 2005 thru 2008. It was a pleasure to serve the community and all that came with it as a council member. I participated in a lot of events and activities that I normally would not have had the opportunity to do. A lot of community service, such as member of the MVTA, member of the Cedar Group (transportation rep for Farmington) volunteering for Rambling River days along with participation in the events, ground breakings and ribbon cuttings for businesses new to town, Toys for Town and the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, involvement with Farmington's fire department activities, just to highlight a few of the opportunities.

In November 2008 we came so close to winning a second term and a very sincere thank you to all those who supported and voted for me. I say we as to the residents, I could not have been there without you and to ones that called on me over the four years with issues, it was my pleasure to work with you.

This is not a good bye. Public service is important to me. After this term as council member, I may be back in a lesser role or the same role or in a higher role in the future what ever it might be. Again, thank you to all of you, keep in touch and Happy Holidays.

David Pritzlaff,