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Editorial: Thank you for your service

On Monday, the city of Farmington swore in two new city council members and a new mayor. Next week the District 192 School Board will add three new members of its own.

These new elected officials will face a steep learning curve in the early days of their terms. There are some big issues on the horizon for city and school district alike.

The decisions these men and women make will not always be popular. When you represent an entire city or an entire district there are too many points of view for any decision to make everyone happy.

Candidates who were elected promising change will upset residents who like things the way they are. Anyone looking to maintain the status quo will anger residents who believe things are moving the wrong way.

Nobody knows this better than the people they are replacing. For the length of their terms on the council or school board they have tried to balance the needs of the people they serve with the realities of funding and laws and all of the other considerations that go into making a government run.

It's difficult and usually thankless work. And whether or not you agree with the decisions they've made they deserve thanks for having done it.

So, Tim Weyandt and Ann Manthey, thank you for the work you put into keeping the school district running. David McKnight and David Pritzlaff, thank you for representing Farmington residents on the city council.

We haven't always agreed with the decisions you've made and you haven't always agreed with the way we covered those decisions. But we respect the time and effort you put into serving your community.

We look forward to seeing your successors do the same.