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Letter: Bob Watson leaves a legacy in schools

To the editor,

On behalf of the Farmington Area Education Foundation I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Mr. Robert Watson and family. Mr. Watson passed away recently and was a great supporter of Farmington and especially the foundation. His passion for education, leadership and sportsmanship led Bob in 2003 to establish the Robert Watson Scholarship to benefit local students financially for college.

As an Eagle Scout, Minnesota state champion in the 440-yard dash, University of Minnesota graduate, Navy Lieutenant during World War II, a valued employee of Pillsbury for 24 years and finally with an executive search agency he co-founded his generosity has touched many. A generosity that will benefit students of the Farmington community for years to come. Bob enjoyed meeting with scholarship recipients and sharing stories of his youth in Farmington.

The foundation board wishes to express to the Watson extended family our condolences ad to be proud of the legacy Bob has left.

Glen Anderson

Boar chair

Farmington Area Education Foundation