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Christmas traditions are worth maintaining

If tradition held this week, on Wednesday night the Farmington American Legion was full of people. They ate. They drank. They listened to music. And, perhaps most important, they reconnected with friends.

That pre-Christmas gathering been a tradition for years in Farmington, and it's a good one. It's a reminder that no matter how far from home we go we can always come back. No matter how long we go without seeing friends we can always find each other again. That's true whether your reunion is in a bar or in a basement.

But the night before Christmas Eve at the Legion has its own tradition, and it's one likely only a handful of those who attended this year's gathering -- Krombombolie, as it's more commonly known -- will know that story. At least, until the story on the front page of this week's Independent. It's a story, like those lived this week in Farmington, of friends who had gone off to college coming home for Christmas, and of those friends taking their celebration from their home out into the community. It's about a experience that turned into a tradition that turned into an institution.

Farmington city needs traditions like that. It needs to remember its history even as it's creating its own future. The atmosphere these days is in many ways different than it was when the whole thing got started 30-odd years ago. But that's OK. There aren't many Christmas carols sung these days around Farmington, and the man whose desire for a new Christmas drink helped get the whole Krombombolie experience moving is just fine with that.

"If people are having fun, then (Krombombolie) is just a name," said Bill Daily. "They're having fun. We had our fun. It's just fine."

If your holiday tradition is Krombombolie or if it's something altogether different, we think that's more than fine. We think it's great.