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Looking forward to a new year

We've reached the end of another year in Farmington, and it's been a busy one. The Farmington School District answered a lawsuit filed by the architect responsible for its new high school with a suit of its own and still opened the school successfully in September. Farmington's seniors put on their work clothes and pulled out their fundraising baskets to help turn the former city hall into the new Rambling River Center. And one Farmington teen found himself unexpectedly in possession of a bag full of drug money.

The Independent was there to cover all of it and more. We told breaking news stories and stories about the city's residents. We brought good news and bad. And we've been happy to do it.

This is a challenging time for newspapers. Publishers large and small around the country are struggling to balance the things they know -- producing high-quality content for an audience accustomed to getting a printed newspaper delivered to them once a day or once a week -- with an Internet world that is still a puzzle for many. And they're trying to do it all with smaller staffs and tighter budgets.

We're no different. In April we made some significant changes to the look and the content of our printed product. We think it makes the paper look better and gives residents an opportunity to have a bigger voice in the work we put out each week. We redesigned our online presence. We've tried to find ways to use the web pages at to do something more than just recreate the printed product. It hasn't always worked, but we're trying.

We'll keep trying, too. The beginning of a new year will bring new challenges and new stories. And it will bring more changes.

If you think there's something we do well, or if you think there are areas where we struggle, we want to know about it. If there's something you don't see that you'd like to, or if there's something we do every week you wish weren't part of the paper, we want to know about it. Call us. E-mail us. Stop by our office or stop us in the street.

Discovering the unknown is a big part of working for a newspaper, and we're looking forward to discovering what the new year has to offer.

We expect the new year to be as exciting as the one we're leaving behind.