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Letter: Fogarty leads with vision

To the editor,

I would like to encourage fellow residents to cast their vote for Christy Jo Fogarty for the Farmington City Council Tuesday, Nov. 2.

As a resident of Farmington for more than 15 years, I believe Fogarty has been a great supporter and advocate for the residents of Farmington. Her vision helped create long term planning to reduce the cost for projects is the type of leadership the city needs to keep.

The field is crowded with negativity, but Fogarty stays focused and positive for Farmington. Her support of maintaining our current facilities, like the Schmitz-Maki arena, helped ensure youth hockey is available in Farmington for years to come. She continues to look for ways to make our community better and is committed to making Farmington a great place to raise a family.

Scott Geiger,