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Letter: Voters asked for change

To the editor,

I would like to extend my congratulations to council member Fogarty and newly elected council member Jason Bartholomay. Now that the theatrical stage has cleared, I hope everyone can get down to the business at hand. Though we have one new face on the council, foreclosures and unemployment remain to top the charts. I hope the council can see the fine print in the election. Though approximately 39 percent of the votes went to the incumbents, approximately 61 percent went to other candidates, in my opinion asking for change in the way city business is done.

All challenging candidates had something to say about the current council's wasteful spending and some were concerned about properties run by the city that do not do well financially. It's time to put the taxpayer first and leave beautification projects and personal agenda behind until the city can afford such items. Find ways to get business into existing properties that the city felt obligated to finish with no concrete future in the plans (ie, Vermillion River Crossings). Let's find more informal ways to communicate with the residents rather than the King and his court looking down on the peasants from their podium.This can be intimidating to some. Therefore you have lost some ideas.

Once again, congrats to the elected council. If there is anything in the future I can do as a taxpaying resident, please ask for my help.

Lenny Hall,


Lenny Hall was a candidate for city council