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Editorial: Help others celebrate the holidays

This is going to be a difficult holiday season for a lot of people. You don't have to look farther than the foreclosure notices in this paper or the reports the unemployment rate to know that.

In Farmington, the number of families signed up for the annual Toys for Town gift drive has already hit at least 63, and it has plenty of time to grow before wrapping and distribution takes place Dec. 18.

Demand is high at the Farmington Food Shelf, too. Volunteers there fill as many as 30 orders a month, up from eight to 12 earlier this year. During Thanksgiving week the food shelf distributed the makings of turkey dinners for more than 50 families in the Farmington School District.

Now, as is reported in this issue of the Independent, the food shelf is teaming up with the people behind Toys for Town. Toys for Town will provide the gifts, and the food shelf will provide the meals that the toy drive has traditionally put together for the families it serves. It is an arrangements that should work well for both sides, but they can't do it without a little help.

Times will likely be tough this month even for people who do not need to reach out to Toys for Town or the food shelf, but if you're enjoying your own holiday meal this month and buying your own gifts we hope you will remember the people who could use a little extra help. It doesn't take a lot to make someone else's holiday a little bit better, and as demand for the giving programs increases it will be increasingly important to ensure an adequate supply.

If you are able to give this holiday season, we hope you will. Your generosity can help ensure everyone in Farmington has a happy holiday.