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Editorial: Outstanding kids deserve recognition

There could be some concern these days about the future of schools in District 192. With the district preparing for cuts of close to $2 million it will be difficult to maintain all of the programs currently available to students.

But there is still reason for optimism. For all the harm significant budget cuts can do, we are confident District 192 will continue to produce quality students.

We see evidence of that nearly every day in Farmington's schools. We see groups of kids put together events to raise money for Toys for Town or to raise awareness about hunger. They host special nights for senior citizens at FHS sporting events and work hard to ensure students' celebration of homecoming stays positive.

There are many more examples out there. Too many to mention everything in this space.

Farmington students are active every day in ways people outside of the school can't imagine.

That kind of behavior happens at other levels of the district, too, though not in the same volume.

Some of those opportunities might dry up as funds run short, but we are confident Farmington students will continue to find ways to improve the world around them.

We do everything we can to tell these students' stories, and we'll bring you more such stories in the future.

We want to do more, though. The Independent is putting together a special section featuring students who make a difference in their community, whether it's through an organized volunteer efforts or just shoveling the sidewalk for a neighbor who could use some help. We have a few names already, but if you know a young person -- high school age or younger -- who deserves recognition we'd love to hear about it. You can e-mail us at or call us at 651-460-6606. We want to know more about these students. We want to tell their stories.

We believe they deserve the recognition.