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Letter to the Editor: School payback bill is a gamble

To the editor,

Representative Pat Garofalo must love to gamble. He has used Twitter to tweet about gambling a lot in the past.

We have evidence of his gambling at the legislature. He was gambling when he proposed what he called a "payback to schools." That "payback" is in truth just a balance transfer of debt, a gamble with our state's financial future. He is gambling that this little act of so-called financial responsibility in the face of another looming budget crisis will be just enough whitewash to protect Republicans in the November elections after they borrowed $2 billion from our students and school districts, rather than balance the budget responsibly. In reality, Garofalo's "payback" bill is the same as someone with credit card debt using another credit card to transfer balances to stave off the repo man for a few more months.

Garofalo and the Republicans in the legislature are trying to hold on to the power they have to prevent Democrats from taking back the legislature and solving the budget problem by eliminating corporate tax loopholes for large corporate overseas operations and making Minnesota's millionaires temporarily pay a little more tax. Garofalo is a gambler. He is gambling that Minnesotans will forget he took the money from schools in the first place to protect corporate profits and super-rich Minnesotans, and will remember that he proposed a bill to transfer money from one credit card to another -- I mean payback the schools.

Steve Quist


Steve Quist is chair of the Senate District 58 DFL.