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Editorial: Little efforts make a big difference

On Saturday, Farmington residents will get one of the easiest opportunities they will ever have to give back to their community.

Farmington postal workers will make their rounds as usual that day, but in addition to the dropping off they usually do, they plan to do some picking up. They hope to do a lot of it.

Saturday is the post office's annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive. Mail carriers in Farmington are asking residents to set out donations for the local food shelf. They'll pick them up, haul them back to the post office and deliver them on to the food shelf.

It takes just a small effort by residents, a slightly larger effort by postal workers, and it provides an enormous benefits for Farmington residents in need.

There are plenty of those. Even as the economy starts to show signs of improvement, there are still plenty of people in Farmington and elsewhere who are struggling to make ends meet. Mail carriers see evidence of those struggles every day as they make their rounds. It's part of the reason this drive is important to them. It's why they don't mind doing the extra work to get the food where it needs to go.

Donations for last year's Stamp Out Hunger drive were slightly more than half what they were in 2010. It's not clear why -- whether it was a matter of bad weather holding donations down or whether Farmington residents simply did not feel like they could contribute. We hope things change for the better this year. Donating doesn't take much effort, and it can do a world of good.