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Editorial: Liquor store move makes sense

There are some interesting things happening these days along Highway 3. In what for years has seemed to be a troublesome corridor for business, there are signs that change is taking place.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of that change is red and white and located in what was once a medical clinic. Since moving earlier this year from the only location it has ever occupied in Farmington, Pellicci's Ace Hardware has seen booming business. The store's owners are thrilled about a move that wasn't always seen as a sure thing, given the lack of business in the area.

There are other encouraging signs of life, too. Anna's Bananas preschool appears to be thriving in the area. Dunn Bros. brings live music on a regular basis. There is a nice clinic and, a bit farther south, a new secondhand store is preparing to open.

The Farmington American Legion has had its troubles in recent months, but there is interest in buying the club's building. And while we were disappointed to see Blondie's Tavern close recently, there are some encouraging signs for the future of that space.

That's why it makes sense for the city of Farmington to take a serious look at moving its downtown liquor store to the area. The store will be more visible there. It will have a better chance of drawing in customers who might otherwise pass by.

Some business owners near the old liquor store might worry about what its departure will mean for traffic flow outside their front doors, but there are encouraging signs there, too. A new Verizon store is taking shape near the liquor store's current location, and the current Savers Choice is nearly ready to unveil a much-desired transition back to a more traditional style of grocery store. We hope those changes will help those businesses be successful as well.

If the city of Farmington wants to stay in the liquor business, this seems to give it the best chance to be successful. It's one more sign of an encouraging future for an area that has long struggled.