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Student voices: Storm made an impact in town

If you were in town last week - early Tuesday, June 19, to be exact -- you know that there was a huge storm that hit the Farmington area. I was lucky enough to sleep through it, but I heard enough stories about it that I know it was a terrible storm. And if you went outside the morning after you would've thought a hurricane hit Minnesota, with all the debris that was scattered around.

These are just a few of the many things that were posted all over the Internet at 4 a.m. that day.

"All I heard was a loud wind sound all around my room."

"I woke up to something hitting my window - sounded like hail but when the sun came up I realized it was tree branches."

"I ended up in my parents' bed #Scary"

"I almost thought it sounded like a tornado, but there weren't any sirens so I just went back to bed."

Sounds pretty scary, right? I did wake up for the last part of the storm and even with my shades closed my room lit up very few seconds from all the lightning. The next morning, driving around, all you would see at every house was enormous trees ripped up from the ground from the strong winds; roofs were ripped off; trampolines were lost (or in my case, folded in half like a taco. No joke, I have pictures! It literally folded in half.). Leaves and branches were covering most of the roads. The power even went out in some homes. In my neighborhood alone almost every house lost a tree. One neighbor even lost three very large trees they planted when they first moved into the house. The effects of this storm are hard to overlook and for some were taken pretty hard.

Some people are saying it was one of the worst storms they have ever been through. That really makes you think about how lucky we are to live like we do; that night our homes (shelters) probably saved our lives. If we didn't have our houses to go into when storms like that happened, trees could've fallen on us, and really tiny people could have gotten caught in the wind and get taken with it. Maybe that's not likely, but after dramatic things like that storm, that's the type of stuff I think about. We are really fortunate, and sometimes I feel like we take it for granted.

One last thing about that storm: Did anyone hear a siren? You think that a storm that caused so much damage would be considered "severe." The sirens go off all the time for storms that don't do anything but don't go off for the one that does? Weird.

Marissa Opp is a student at Farmington High School. Her column appeared every other week during the school year.