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Editorial: Residents will have choices to make

Things are about to get interesting in the world of Farmington politics. The primaries are over, in the cases where they were held. The filing is closed. And voters are guaranteed to have some choices when they go to the polls in November.

It didn't always look like that would be the case, at least in the most local of the elections. For much of the filing period, which ended Tuesday, Farmington mayor Todd Larson did not face any opposition. Nor did city council candidates Douglas Bonar and Kirk Zeaman, both of whom filed early. Incumbent Julie May did not file, and council member Terry Donnelly did not file until late in the process.

Now, the ballot looks much more crowded.

However things shake out, voters are guaranteed at least two new voices on the council.

Things were a little more active on the school board side, where four candidates filed early on for the three available seats. The field grew again late, and now there are seven names on the ballot, only one of which, Julie Singewald, belongs to an incumbent. Tim Burke and Julie McKnight, the longest-serving current member of the board, both opted not to run again.

Whatever happens in November, this is always an exciting time, as we get to know the people who have stepped forward to do what is a largely thankless job.

We will spend time in the weeks between now and Election Day helping you get the information you need to make an informed decision, but for now we can simply appreciate the people who have put their names into the hat. They have provided voters with a choice, and that is an important thing to have.