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Editorial: Get informed for Farmington's elections

Farmington residents have some big decisions to make in the near future. On Nov. 6 local voters will choose two city council members and three school board members. They will elect a Minnesota Representative, a Minnesota Senator, a U.S. Representative and a county commissioner, all in addition to some of the more widely covered decisions on the ballot.

It is a lot to keep track of, and in this case the election is notable for its lack of familiar faces. Only one of two city council incumbents is seeking another term, and only one of three school board incumbents will be on the ballot.

Longtime county commissioner Joe Harris has retired, and while one of the candidates in the race should be at least somewhat familiar to Farmington voters, Christy Jo Fogarty is known as a city council member, not as a county official.

All these fresh faces mean Farmington residents will have some homework to do if they hope to be informed when they go to the polls. There have already been some opportunities to get to know the candidates. There have been candidate forums, including one for school board candidates held Monday at North Trail Elementary School.

This week, we're offering voters some more information with the first of two weeks of voters' guide coverage. Turn to page 11 to see how candidates for Minnesota Senate, Minnesota House and U.S. Senate answered the questions we posed to them. Next week, we will feature responses from city council , school board and county commissioner candidates.

We will also bring you endorsements, decided upon by our parent company, in some of the wider-ranging races and ballot initiatives.

These are challenging times, and getting through them in good shape will require sound leadership. We hope every Farmington voter will do what it takes to get informed and make a good choice on election day.