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Letter: Opponent's accusations were inaccurate, mayor says

To the editor,

This letter is in response to last week's letter to the editor from Dave Pritzlaff. Although Mr. Pritzlaff has admitted to some bad math when it comes to when he was a member of the Farmington City Council (2004-2008) he has not corrected the mistake on the flyers he is handing out or on his website. I have been mayor from 2009 until present; I have never missed a city council meeting, EDA meeting or any council workshops.

Regarding Mr. Pritzlaff's allegation that signs are illegal because they do not have "prepared and paid for..." on them, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State and the office of administrative hearings, this issue is up in the air. Some signs need them and some do not. However, immediately upon learning of Mr. Pritzlaff's concern, I rectified the issue by attaching stickers to my signs stating that they were paid for by Larson for mayor.

Mr. Pritzlaff also stated that I voted at the last meeting to raise all city fees. Again, this is wrong. Most city fees stayed the same. Some fees appeared to be raised but in fact were revised to include the tax to make it simpler for everyone. Two fees raised were the stormwater utility fee and the surface water quality management fee. These fees were raised to enable the city to dredge the sediment out of select ponds because they do not have the proper amount of stormwater storage, causing backyards to flood. In addition, some of the sediment being dredged is contaminated with a chemical that is in driveway sealcoat, thus increasing the disposal cost by five times.

I would like to thank the Farmington Independent for allowing me to respond to these accusations.

Mayor Todd Larson,