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Editorial: Good news in State of the City

It's State of the City season in Farmington and Rosemount. Rosemount mayor Bill Droste was scheduled to give his annual address Wednesday morning, right about the time this issue was going to print. Farmington Mayor Todd Larson will give his next Wednesday.

There isn't usually a lot of breaking news in a State of the City speech. It's a chance to highlight some of the good things that are going on, not dwell on problems. But both Farmington and Rosemount have some things to be happy about. The housing market is picking up, for one. Growth that has been stalled for years is starting to gain some momentum. And while it will likely be awhile before building hits the pace it maintained during the busiest times, that's not a bad thing. Gradual growth is a lot easier to keep up with.

Rosemount has a busy year ahead. There are a number of projects on the construction schedule, both city-run and otherwise. There are new tennis courts and a new splash pad recreation area and a planned extension of the Mississippi River Regional Trail southward through the city. As profiled elsewhere in this issue, that trail will eventually be a 27-mile route from Hastings to St. Paul.

There are good things going on in Farmington, too. A long-vacant restaurant space should be filled soon, and there are some other positive signs on the business front. A city that has struggled with its budget in recent years has put plans in place to help straighten out its planning process.

There will still be challenges ahead. There always are. But the State of the City is about optimism, and we see reasons to be optimistic.