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Student column: Why the rush to grow up?

Growing up is typically something that young kids look forward to. They want to have more freedom. Hanging out with your friends without your parents having to set up your “play date,” getting your license and being able to drive yourself places and being a cool high school student are anticipated.

In some cases, you even wish time would speed up so you could experience these things even sooner. As you get older and realize how much you have grown up, you begin to wish time would slow down.

Most of the time, people don’t realize how much they have matured until certain things happen. For example, once you get your license and can drive, you become more independent. You don’t have to rely on your parents as much. This is a colossal realization for most teenagers.

When you’re in high school and you play a sport, most student athletes don’t put it together that you aren’t going to be playing that sport for much longer. Once you become a freshman in high school, you only have four years left of playing your beloved sport. That may sound like a lot, but time flies. And when you’re playing your senior year on senior night, the realization may come and hit you in the face that that game, meet or competition could very well be your last.

Young kids are sometimes so caught up in their future that they forget to enjoy and appreciate the present. When you were little, you got to take naps at school, your homework assignment was to color a picture and no one would care what you looked like or how you dressed. Once you get older, you begin to value what other people think of you, so you pay close attention to how you do your makeup or what clothes you wear. Not that that is a bad thing, but sometimes it gets tiring having to try to look your best every day.

If you asked any high schooler right now, they would say they wished nap times were a part of their daily school schedule. When we were little, we despised nap time, and now we wish we could take naps.

Being young, you didn’t get a lot of homework. You had a bunch of free time. In high school, you get homework in almost every class nearly every day of the week. You wish you could hang out with your friends during the school week. The high school that you were looking forward to so much turns out to be a tougher job than you thought.

While most people wouldn’t trade their high school life, most wish that time would slow down, so they could enjoy the time that they have left. Because later on in life, you’re going to look back and realize that these were the best years of your life. And you’re going to want it back, to re-live your favorite memories. Enjoy the time that you have, take many pictures, and make memories that will last a lifetime.