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Student column: It’s a shopper’s dream

Black Friday shopping: some people love it, and some hate it.

For those of you that love it, I’m with you 100 percent. It’s a girls dream to walk into a store and see those glorious signs announcing “Buy one get one free” or “Buy one get one half off.”

Being a crazed fashion boot addict, my personal favorite is, “Buy one pair of boots, get one for $5.” My heart melted when I saw that sign. It was too good of a deal to pass up.

I came across those too-good-to-miss deals quite a bit this past Friday. While in a store, I would firmly tell myself that my shopping would be done after those purchases and I would not get anything else. All that would go out the window as I would walk into the next store and see the signs announcing their Black Friday sale.

For those of you who don’t necessarily like Black Friday shopping, I understand where you are coming from. Some stores use this day to try to swindle their customers. They promise a once-in-a-lifetime deal that you just cannot under any circumstance live without. But sometimes the deal isn’t even that great. An easy example of this is a t-shirt that is originally $10 that is on sale at “2 for $20.” There’s no real savings there.

Also, spending a lot of money all in one day might be another reason why some people aren’t a big fan of Black Friday. Most people who Black Friday shop end up spending more than they had originally planned on, which may not be ideal for you.

Whether you enjoy Black Friday shopping or not, I think everyone can agree that this day always draws a crowd: a very large crowd.

Many stores have people line up and sometimes even camp out overnight to be one of the first people in the store when it opens. The Best Buy in Apple Valley had a line outside its door, and I couldn’t believe how many people were waiting outside in the cold, windy night to go shopping. But I bet it was worth it to those people when they could get in the store and purchase what they were waiting for.

When I Black Friday shop, I’m not the person who gets up at midnight to be there when the store opens. I usually sleep in and get ready as I usually do, and I get to the mall or wherever I want to shop around noon. Even after waiting that long to go shopping, the crowds are still intimidating. At one store, I spent more time waiting in line to check out then I did actually looking around the store. It sure was crazy. Black Friday is a very popular and well-advertised day of the year, and I hope you all got all the shopping done this year that you’d have hoped to accomplish.

Becca Opp is a student at Farmington High School.