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Student voices: Many things make Christmas Becca's favorite holiday

In elementary school writing classes, one of the most common writing topics I can remember is, “What is your favorite holiday?” There were a variety of answers and usually every single holiday was represented.

As a meticulous elementary school student, I always wanted my essays to be perfect. But how could my essay be perfect if I didn’t even know what my favorite holiday was? I wrote essays on Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter. I just couldn’t decide which was my favorite. But if someone were to ask me that question now, I would have a definite answer: Christmas.

Christmas has come to be my favorite holiday and here’s why. For one, we get almost two weeks off of school. All students wait anxiously for this much-needed school break. You are able to sleep in until noon, lay around in your pajamas all day and go out with your friends at night without having to worry about what time you have to get up in the morning.

As a student, knowing you don’t have to get up early is a glorious feeling. An-other reason Christ-mas is my favorite holiday is because, obviously, you get to celebrate Christmas. Spending time with your friends and family on Christmas is something I look forward to every year. With my cousins living so far away in different states, it’s always a wonderful feeling getting to spend some of my Christmas break with them, catching up on all details of their lives.

Christmas is also my favorite because of the beautiful snow that comes down. There’s just something about the first snowfall that’s magical.

My favorite type of snow is the fat, fluffy snow that gracefully drifts down. Something about that kind of snow just makes it feel like Christmas. In addition, playing with the snow is fun. Making snowmen is a traditional Christmas and winter break activity. When I was a young girl, making a snowman was my favorite thing to do. Crafting big snowballs to form its body would always be a difficult task, but looking at the finished project was rewarding. Picking out my favorite hat, gloves and scarf to make my snowman fashionable was always a treat.

My personal favorite part about making a snowman was picking out what to name it. It made me feel special, like I was a big girl for being able to name it.

Another thing I look forward to about Christmas each year is seeing the look on people’s faces when they open the presents I got them. Their expressions as they get their first look into what they got is priceless. I love giving gifts even more than receiving. Whenever I give a gift, I get a happy, Christmasy feeling and it always feels so good. Whether your favorite holiday is Christmas or another holiday, I hope you enjoyed your winter break.