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Student column: Netflix helps when school is closed

With school being cancelled five times in many different districts due to cold weather, Netflix is a fun pastime while you’re enjoying your day off. With a variety of shows and movies, you can watch just about any genre you desire. It’s fantastic.

Getting into a show on Netflix can be very dangerous, but in a good way. Once you start a show, you can never seem to stop. It’s addicting. You get so into the show that you keep watching episode after episode, even when you tell yourself you’re only going to watch one more.

This cycle goes on and on until you finish a season in one day. At about that time, many students realize that they should probably start their homework that’s due tomorrow.


If anyone is interested in a highly entertaining and suspenseful show to watch on Netflix, I highly recommend “24.” A CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent, Jack Bauer, works to thwart threats or attacks that come into the United States. If you like action, suspense, stress and drama in a show, this show is for you.

24 is not predictable and always keeps you on your toes. Not to mention, the show is filmed in real time. Every one-hour show is equal to one hour in Jack Bauer’s life.

My mom and I became invested in this show, watching all eight seasons in a matter of two or three months. My dad called our obsession with 24 a sickness. It got us hooked. We couldn’t help it. We loved the show so much that for a surprise present for my mom, I bought her and I matching 24 shirts. Embarrassing, but it proves how addicting a Netflix show can be.

Recently we just started rewatching 24, and during the first episode we watched, we turned into complete 5 year olds, squealing and acting giddy during the opening theme of the show. Again, embarrassing, but it aids me in proving my point.

If you’re not one for action, but you like nice, relatable, somewhat girly shows, I would suggest “The Carrie Diaries.” A teenage girl who just lost her mom to cancer tries to deal with growing up into the person she strives to be while dealing with high school drama, which includes drooling over cute boys.

With a wicked sense of fashion, Carrie finds herself stuck in the drama of relationships, work, and dealing with her pesky little sister. Many girls can relate perfectly to the situations she has to handle. My description of The Carrie Diaries doesn’t do the show justice. When I first started watching with my friend, we stayed up until 2 in the morning because we just couldn’t stop.

Whether you like action shows or drama, Netflix is a great way to get hooked on your next potential favorite show.