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Student column: A much needed break

Let me start out by saying what every Farmington High School student wanted to scream at the top of his or her lungs when released from school last Thursday: FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER!

There was a feeling of relief for many and all the stress that had been occupying them since the beginning of the week could finally be lifted off their shoulders.

Finals mean a close to one trimester and a start to another. Which in this case is the start to the third and final trimester of this school year. That is one of the many positive things about a close of a trimester. Another good thing is that we now get a long, much needed break from school which comes in the form of spring break.

You can ask almost any student and they would say that this break is what helped them survive finals week. Many people like to travel during this break. Getting out of cold, snowy Minnesota and going to a warm, sometimes tropical place is heaven after being stuck in this tundra for way too long. Also, with second trimester closing, we are that much closer to summer vacation.

Usually first trimester goes by slowly, second trimester is a little quicker and third trimester just flies by. Summer may be closer than we know. You wouldn’t think so by looking outside, but in reality summer is a little less than three months away. That gives me motivation to push through this last trimester.

On the bright side of the trimester closing, you get a switch up of classes if you didn’t like the classes that you had. On that same note, if you had a teacher you seemed to clash with, you have a chance to have new teachers in your new trimester. Additionally, if you were in a class and there weren’t many of your friends with you, that class is over and you may have your friends in some of your new classes.

That leads me to the negative parts about beginning a new trimester. If you did have friends in your classes, you may have to make new friends in your new classes.

If you ask any student, I guarantee they would say that the worst part about a new trimester is lunch time. Switching up the time of your lunch due to what teacher you have at lunch time is more stressful than one would think. On the first day during lunch, you have to try to find people to sit with. That wracks the nerves, because everyone wonders if they will find someone to sit with. Also, you need to actually find a spot to sit. Since every person is doing these things at the same time as you, it can be chaotic and stressful.

Beginning a new trimester has its ups and downs, but always think positively and everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to.