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Student column: Getting attached

Having an emotional attachment to a movie is not uncommon. It’s happened in the past, it’s happening now and it will happen in the future.

The movies that create these kinds of attachments are most commonly ones that have been made from a popular book. A movie series from the past which created an emotional attachment is the Harry Potter movies. When one of the most wildly popular books became a movie, the fandom could not be controlled. People were dressing up as their favorite characters and staying up past midnight to see the premier of each of the movies. The characters in the books came to life in the movies, becoming a part of their most dedicated fans’ lives.

The Hunger Games series also attracted many fans. Being a devoted fan myself, the characters in the books and movies in a way became my friends. By “friends” I mean in the sense that I didn’t want the book to end, because I would read it every day, and I almost didn’t know what to do with myself once I finished it. Once I was done, those characters wouldn’t be a part of my daily life anymore.

I hope that makes sense to some of my fellow bookworms.

The kind of emotional attachment for the fans of these phenomenal books is indescribable. There are Hunger Games clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, folders, notebooks, watches, pillow cases, bed sheets and much more. Some may call it borderline obsessed, but us true fans simply call it dedication.

One of the most anticipated new films this spring, Divergent, has accumulated some of its own screaming and squirrelly fans. Having a connection with a book or a character from a book will do that to a person.

The books were popular before the movie premiered, but the movie can be credited with bringing even more popularity to the books.

All of these movies have been series movies, but even single movies can strike a person right in the heart. The Fault in Our Stars is an example. Many people are looking forward to this movie, and with good reason. This awaited movie has sparked attention on Twitter with one fan proclaiming, “How am I going to survive through the entire movie when I can’t even watch the trailer on TV without bawling my eyes out?”

That’s a preview of how the movie theatre is going to look on release date. A bunch of emotional girls blubbering over the movie that captured their hearts. Nothing about that is wrong at all; I highly look forward to it in all honesty.

The men, who chose to see it too, have brave hearts. I respect you for going to a stereotypical chick flick; the world needs more men like that.

An emotional attachment to a movie can drive people insane or can simply lead to a movie theatre full of anxious movie viewers. Either way, it makes for a great time.