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Student column: Enjoying some good sports stories

If you’re like me, going to the movies is a fun way to spend time with people.

Recently, my good friend who moved out of state came back to visit and we went to a movie. Also, my family and I went out to the movie theater one weekend to do something together as a family. The movie we saw was “Draft Day.” It was one of my favorite movies. If you are an NFL fan, it is a must see. “Draft Day” gives viewers a behind the scenes look at what goes on within a franchise when draft day arrives. It’s almost as if you can feel the tension, nerves and excitement of the players and coaches during the movie.

Following the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, who is in charge of the picks, you almost have the urge to shout at the screen to voice your opinion on who to select. Maybe not everyone will, but if you are a diehard football fan like me, things get pretty intense. You get-behind-the scenes access to how an NFL team deals with player trades, salary caps, the team’s fans and much more.

While the critics were skeptical about this film, I sing its praises. Now all I want is for fall to roll around and football to start back up again!

Another movie that seems inspirational and interesting is “When the Game Stands Tall.” This is another football movie, inspired by true events. It follows the De La Salle Spartans High school football team as it strives to continue a 15- game winning streak, the longest in sports history. When that streak is broken, it tests the town and the football team. When challenges arise, the players and their families’ worlds are shaken up.

Not only is this movie about football, but it’s about brotherhood and how, on that team, you will always have a family, even if you don’t have one at home. This movie is a must-see for me. Waiting until August, when it comes out, may seem like forever.

If you aren’t that big of a football fan, this movie would still be a good option, as it is a feel-good movie that seeks to inspire people.

Additionally, “Million Dollar Arm” is on my list of movies to attend. This is again a sports film, but it’s about baseball instead of football. JB Bernstein, a once successful agent, must close down his business. Other bigger and slicker competitors are getting the best of him. Trying to find a way to save the business, they decide to travel to India in search for a cricket player who could transition to a professional American baseball player. The goal is to get the boys signed to a major league team.

This seems like a heartwarming movie, as you see the boys struggle and thrive as they work towards their goal.

If you’re a sports fan, there are many movies coming out that will appeal to you. Whatever you choose to see, I hope you enjoy.