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Student column: School days are flying by

Summer is coming up fast. As of Friday, May 16, there were 21 days left until June 6.

The time sure does fly. Especially once it gets to be the third and final trimester of the school year. First tri always seems to go slow. Many people are still in the summer mindset and don’t wish to be locked up in a school building for seven hours. They probably haven’t done that since the last day of the previous school year.

Second tri picks up speed a little bit because everyone is in their groove and is getting accustomed to their classes and teachers.

When you get to third tri, the days seem like minutes as summer approaches.

There is so much to look forward to during the final trimester of the school year. First of all the weather becomes nicer, which can make any day better. Additionally, AP classes are preparing to take their final exams, which decide if you will receive college credit. Studying night after night for your exam can make a person wish time would slow down so they could have more time.

After the exams are complete, prom becomes the next anticipated day during the final weeks of school. For the girls, getting their hair and makeup day and putting on their beautiful dress is half the fun of prom. Not to mention the ever so essential manicures and pedicures. With their six-inch heels and flowing dresses, they prepare to walk with their date in the Grand March at the high school. This is the time for everyone to see all the hard work that you’ve put into yourself for that moment. For a brief moment of time, every eye will be on you, and I think every person deserves to experience that at least once.

After Grand March, prom groups usually go out to dinner before the dance itself. In addition, the groups typically have an after party after the dance where they can continue to have fun for the duration of the night. This year, one group is having a tent out, where every couple brings their own tent to spend the night in.

Hearing about all the fun plans people have for prom gets me that much more excited for next year when I go. After prom, there is really only a couple weeks left of school. And those weeks are usually spent wrapping up all your subjects and getting ready for finals.

As the days until summer wind down, the anticipation for three months free of school increases. One exception may be the senior class. They have graduation to look forward to after prom. Some seniors are ecstatic about graduating and can’t wait for college while some wish time could slow down so they can make more memories in high school.

With everything that happens during the third trimester of school, the time flies by. Summer is quickly approaching, and I hope it’s your best summer yet.