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Editorial: A long walk and a memorable journey

Jordan Dibb has an incredible journey ahead of him. On March 27 the 2005 Farmington High School graduate will leave his Minneapolis home and start walking. By the time he is done he will have covered somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 miles and, he hopes, raised at least $100,000 for relief efforts in Haiti.

It's a remarkable story, and it's one that might not have happened if the job market was better. Dibb, who majored in sociology and psychology at Hamline University, estimates he has sent out more than 1,200 resumes since he graduated last May. He's gotten minimal interest. Like many recent college graduates, Dibb has been frustrated by the lack of success. Unlike most graduates, he's turning that frustration into an effort that will be memorable for him and beneficial for many others. It's the best possible example of making lemonade from lemons.

Dibb's trip won't be easy. There will probably be days when he's tired and his feet are blistered and he'd like nothing better than to be back at home. He will push through those days, though, because he knows there are better things ahead. Because already his efforts have touched people, more than 2,000 of whom have joined the Facebook group he set up for his walk. He's had strangers come walk with him as he trained and gotten unsolicited e-mails offering advice and encouragement.

We're happy to share Dibb's story this week, and we look forward to following his journey. He has agreed to check in with the Independent from the road and we will bring those messages to readers as he does.

It's a story that has had a frustrating start but we're confident it will have a happy ending.