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Editorial: Response to storm was heartening

Residents in Farmington's storm-struck midsection could be excused for feeling a bit traumatized over the weekend. Many awoke early Friday morning to the noisy rumblings and violent winds of a tornado that left more than 120 homes damaged and at least 13 currently unhabitable.

That's a lot to take in at 3 a.m., and it's a lot to deal with as the residents whose homes had been damaged figured out how to secure their belongings as best they could before a second round of storms that was forecast to hit that afternoon. For most, it meant a long weekend of cleanup and for some it meant finding a new place to stay until things could be put back in order.

Many of those residents likely had their moments of frustration, of anger and of despair. By most accounts, though, residents took the damage as much in stride as could be expected. They took breaks from a long day of work to talk to local reporters anxious to hear their stories. And when they didn't have a lot to clean up on their own properties they pitched in and helped neighbors who were hit harder by the seemingly capricious storm.

We're not surprised by that reaction. It's what we would hope for in any strong community, and what we would expect from Farmington's residents. Even as this city grows, residents are there to help friends and neighbors in their times of need. We see that everywhere from benefit events held for sick children to the crowds at last week's Dakota County Fair.

Still, it's nice to be reminded every once in a while that the spirit is there. And while we hope never to see the kind of destruction Friday's storm delivered to many Farmington residents we are happy to see what happened after the last raindrops had fallen.