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Editorial: Farmington celebrates Halloween while doing good deeds

We always figured Farmington's choice of orange and black as its official colors had something to do with the high school's tiger mascot. Now, though, we're not so sure. It's starting to seem like the color scheme might have as much to do with pumpkins and witches as a big cat's stripes.

Farmington is quickly turning into Halloween central, and it's fun to watch.

Last year around this time we did a story about a Farmington resident who transforms his yard into a haunted maze every Halloween. He invites the public in and asks visitors to bring a donation for the food shelf. We thought it was a unique story about someone turning their passion for a holiday into a chance to do good.

We still like the story, but apparently it's less unique than we thought. This year we've learned about three other grass-roots groups putting together haunted houses and using them to draw donations. One, a group of Farmington Fire Explorers, is in its first year. But the others have been around for a while.

We know at least three of the groups will have their haunted houses up and running Halloween weekend. You can find more details in our events calendar, or in the stories on page 7A of this edition of the Independent.

Add in the Support Our Troops Haunted House that set up shop at the Dakota County Fairgrounds earlier this month and you can hardly turn around without bumping into some kind of small-scale scare factory.

We think they're all great. We enjoy seeing Farmington residents find a way to indulge their passion while doing good for others. Maybe there are more of you out there. Maybe in Farmington it's more unusual if you don't invite the neighbors in and try to scare them senseless.

Why not? The more the scarier.