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Editorial: No shortage of news in Farmington

It might be tempting when you live in a city like Farmington to think nothing newsworthy ever happens. It's a quiet city. A nice suburb. Right?

If you're talking about sheer volume of breaking news, that may be true. But Farmington hardly lacks for interesting activity.

You want controversy? How about the sudden resignation of Farmington School District superintendent Brad Meeks earlier this year, or the unexpected departure of city administrator Peter Herlofsky just a few weeks later. Both city and school district have hired new leaders and things have calmed down on those fronts, but there was plenty to talk about for a while.

Even when the news is not big or controversial, we believe there are plenty of interesting stories to tell in Farmington. Stories like that of Rex Pettis, who was Farmington's go-to guy for pancake breakfasts for roughly a half century. Or of Andrew Van Dorn, the Farmington police officer who acted quickly to help save a man from a burning car.

We're here to tell those stories, and we love doing it. Elsewhere in this edition of the Independent we devote a lot of space to talking about some of the stories we'll remember most from 2011. But we wouldn't be here at all if you weren't there to read those stories.

There's no question newspaper readership is changing. More people are reading their news online. Fewer pick up a physical newspaper. That's why we continue to focus attention on our web page. Having that outlet gives us the same ability as any other news organization to get you the most important news immediately. It also allows us to offer features like video that are impossible in a newspaper.

We won't forget about the printed newspaper, though. That's where we came from. And we've heard from many people who say that's still the way they prefer to get their news.

We see the two formats as complementary, and we'll continue to work hard to make both as good as we can.

We've had a good year at the Independent. We've told plenty of interesting stories. And we look forward to being here to cover 2012 for you.

Thanks for reading.