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Editorial: An important mix of stories

On Saturday afternoon a healthy portion of the greater Farmington community came together to give one family a very special gift. For more than an hour, band members and sheriff's deputies, firefighters and Boy Scouts traced a parade route around an Empire Township neighborhood, part of a Make-A-Wish gift that just kept growing.

It was a remarkable moment, and seeing the joy it brought to the boy receiving the gift and to the parents who got to enjoy the smile on their son's face was an amazing reminder of just how great people can be in Farmington.

We hope we captured some of that moment in the story on this week's front page. Stories like that are a big part of what community newspapers like the Farmington Independent are all about. We still bring you harder news - for evidence, just see the four-page voters' guide that starts on page 11 - but more than any other media outlet that provides coverage of Farmington we are here to bring the stories about what makes Farmington the city it is.

This week, in addition to the stories we've already mentioned, we have stories about enrollment growth in Farmington schools and a Farmington man who has gained a measure of fame, at least in pottery circles, for the kilns he builds. We've got city council stories and stories about elementary school students learning lessons through nature photography.

Some of you are familiar with this mix. You already subscribe, or pick up the Independent on a regular basis. Others see us once or twice a year when we do a subscription drive like the one that has put this paper in your mailbox. Some of you are flipping through our pages for the first time.

It's a good week to get an introduction to the Independent. This week has a good mix of the kinds of stories we bring readers every week. We hope you like it, and if you do we hope you'll take advantage of the subscription offer you can find on the bright yellow pages inserted farther forward. Get a subscription and we'll give you back nearly half of what you pay in the form of a gift certificate to Celts. You get a year of stories about Farmington and a good meal. We get to keep this conversation going.

We look forward to it.