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Editorial: Halloween walk is a great event

Unless you see the operation in action, it's hard to appreciate the full scale of Farmington's Halloween Walk, the annual community event that gives kids a chance to try out their costumes a few days early and collect some candy in a safe, controlled environment.

Teams of volunteers put up decorations, string lights and make sure everything possible is done to make sure things run smoothly, not necessarily an easy job when you're dealing with the kind of crowd that shows up for the Halloween walk. It's a lot of work for an event that is over in just a couple of hours.

That takes commitment, and it takes cooperation.

It also takes a lot of participation from the community at large. The Halloween Walk wouldn't happen if Farmington didn't have businesses and community organizations willing to take part. All those decorations are only worth so much if there is nobody there to hand out candy.

That is commendable, and it is a big benefit to Farmington. More than 1,400 people took the trail through the Dodge Middle School gymnasium Friday night. That is a pretty significant percentage of Farmington's population.

Kids said their tricks and treats, and they collected bags full of candy. They laughed and they smiled and they had a great time. Local Boy Scouts collected donations for the Farmington Food Shelf, so more local families can have some treats this Halloween.

Farmington's Halloween Walk is a wonderful event, and we're thrilled to see it happen every year.

We can't wait for next year.