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Editorial: A lot to look forward to in 2013

We spend a lot of time in this week's issue of the Independent looking back on the year that just reached its end.

There are reasons for that. Reviewing the year gone by is a nice way to remember some of the things that have gotten us to this point. And sharing our favorite stories with you is, we think, a way to let you into the thought process that goes on behind the scenes here. It lets you know a little bit more about what is important to the people who put this whole thing together every week.

2012 was a busy year packed with important events, and we don't expect the new year to be any different. As we move full-speed into 2013, there is a lot to look forward to.

There will be plenty of questions to answer as we move through the new year. For one, Farmington's mayor and city administrator have already expressed some concern about what will happen with a proposed change to the metropolitan transit taxing district. Including Farmington in that district, as has been suggested, could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional taxes locally.

The new year will also bring some more answers about the Farmington School District's plan to put an iPad into the hands of every student. That process kicked off in earnest late last year with the distribution of iPads to every student at Farmington High School. More are coming early this year for students in other schools. This is the point when we see just what schools and teachers are prepared to do with these new tools.

There is plenty more to look forward to. Some of it we can predict. Some if it will take us by surprise. Whatever it is, we will continue to be here to bring the stories to you.

We look forward to it.