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Editorial: Plenty of good news in schools

Farmington got a lot of attention last week thanks to the actions of one high school hockey player.

The reaction is not a big surprise. The video of Austin Krause's abrupt departure from the ice Feb. 12 was striking, and for many it played neatly into an ongoing narrative about What's Wrong With Kids Today. That discussion has been going on as long as there have been kids to annoy the older generation with their rock music or that newfangled fire.

There was decidedly less attention given to the actions of the Farmington High School swim team, whose considerate behavior at a restaurant inspired a Shakopee resident to write a letter to this newspaper commending them. That letter appears on this page, but it's not likely to go much farther than that. There was no video to accompany that story. It won't go viral. But it's a good reminder of all of the good things that happen on a regular basis in Farmington generally and at Farmington High School in particular.

There are plenty of other stories like that. Elsewhere in this paper you will find a story about Farmington High School students who organized an anti-bullying session for ninth graders at their school. In April, FHS students will once again hold Games for Change, their annual all-night fund-raiser for the Farmington food shelf. This year's event will also feature a monthlong shoe drive.

There are plenty of other stories like these. They are reminders that kids are pretty good after all. And while they seldom get the coverage outside of Farmington that one moment on a hockey rink did last week, we think they're a much better indicator of what Farmington's students are really like.

That's a big part of why we like doing what we do. We can bring you those good-news stories. We know they're there, and they deserve to be told.