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Editorial: Cooperation among cities benefits all

Emergency workers in Farmington and Rosemount are equipped to handle a lot. They're well prepared to take care of the kinds of situations they are likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Every once in a while, though, something out of the ordinary comes along. Like a man getting trapped in a silo, as happened a few years ago in Farmington. Or some kids getting into a forgotten stash of mercury, as has happened in Rosemount.

Those are the times it is good to know you've got some help.

The extent of that help was on display last weekend at the Dakota Communication Center, the countywide emergency dispatch center which is itself a fine example of what communities and departments can accomplish if they work together. In several hours of training, police, firefighters and others from each city in Dakota County got a crash course in the resources that are available if they just reach out and ask.

The county has teams dedicated to handling unusual occurrences, police officers and firefighters who go through additional training so they will be prepared. They are there to help whenever and wherever they are needed in situations that go beyond the day-to-day capabilities of a department.

That kind of cooperation is vital. Farmington and Rosemount can not be prepared for every possible emergency. No single city could. But by working together Dakota County cities can be prepared for a wider range of situations. That is good for everyone, but only if everyone knows what is out there.

That's what makes a training event like last weekend's important.