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Editorial: Farmington citywide cleanup is a good community event

There was some concern in recent weeks about what our extended winter weather might mean for Farmington's annual park and pond cleanup event. Would people sign up, knowing it was possible the trash they were meant to collect would be buried under snowdrifts? Would everyone need to bring their own shovel?

In the end, of course, concerns about weather turned out to be misplaced. Somewhere late last week, spring decided to show itself. Snow melted. And when Saturday's cleanup day rolled around the sky was clear and the air was warm.

It was pretty much a perfect day for being outside, and Farmington's community cleanup crews took advantage.

We're big fans of park and pond cleanup day. It's a way for Farmington residents to take some control over the state of their city. It's a way to get Farmington tidied up after a long winter, and it's a way for groups of Farmington residents -- neighborhoods or organizations or just families -- to get together and do something. It's an excuse to get outside and to do something useful once you're there.

There is always a chance in late April that the weather will be less than ideal. It appears even heavy snowfall in May isn't out of the question this year. But by this time of year many Minnesotans are happy just to be out of their house, even if the weather isn't as glorious as it was last weekend.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You helped make Farmington just a little bit better. And we suspect you had a good time doing it.

That's good news for everyone.