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Editorial: Student board members a good addition

Contrary to what you might gather from shows like MTV's 16 and Pregnant, young people have a lot to offer their community.

We see evidence of that every week as we get into local schools. We see students starting clubs to help others. We see things like Farmington High School's Youth Development group, which on Monday presented a check to the Farmington Food Shelf. The group raised the money with its annual Games for Change, an overnight lock-in at which teams of high school students -- and a few teacher and community groups -- compete in games like volleyball and floor hockey. The event also collected thousands of pounds of food.

We see an effort like Swim2Win4MD, a group of Rosemount Middle School eighth graders that this year used a 24-hour swim marathon to raise more than $20,000 to fight muscular dystrophy. This year's event brings the group's two-year fundraising total to more than $30,000. Imagine what they'll be able to do when they can drive.

All of which is a long way of saying we see a lot of potential in the Farmington School Board's plan to add a couple of student representatives to the board next fall. The students will provide valuable opinions on board actions, and will be able to explain to their classmates why decisions are made.

The city of Rosemount has some experience in this area. For several years now it has had a youth commission to provide input to the city council. The group has also planned community events.

That is a good precedent as the Farmington School District moves ahead with its own plans. We look forward to seeing what happens.