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Editorial: Development efforts are valuable

Farmington and Rosemount are in similar positions when it comes to business development. Neither has as strong a business or commercial base as it would like, and both are taking steps to address that.

In Farmington, an eight-member Business Attraction Team is nearing the end of a process it began with the intention of figuring out how to entice businesses to move into the city, and to stay here rather than looking elsewhere when it was time to grow.

In Rosemount, a study will get under way soon to look at an area along Highway 3 between County Road 42 and County Road 46. The results will give the city a clearer picture of how that land can best be used as the city continues to develop. A similar process conducted several years ago and just a short distance north resulted in Waterford Commons.

A strong business community is vital for cities like Farmington and Rosemount. Businesses provide places for residents to work. They provide places for residents to shop. The taxes they pay ease the burden on everyone else.

Bringing new business in is no easy task, though. Other cities are in similar situation. They’re all doing the same kinds of things Farmington and Rosemount are doing.

The projects going on or soon to start in Farmington and Rosemount are just part of a process that never really ends. But they are important steps. The more successful they are, the better off everyone will be.