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Editorial: Plenty of Tiger pride this week

On Wednesday night of this week, hours after this issue of the Independent Town Pages went to the printer but before it arrived at the homes of most readers, Farmington residents lined the streets for Farmington High School’s annual Homecoming parade. Afterward, they crowded into the school’s recital hall to see this year’s Homecoming King and Queen crowned.

We’re making an assumption when we write that. None of it has happened as we put these words to paper. But we feel like it’s a pretty safe bet. It’s the way things have been for years, and we suspect it’s the way things will continue to be for years to come.

There’s something old fashioned about Homecoming in Farmington. Events like the Homecoming parade are not a common site in the modern high school, and even when they exist they rarely get the kind of turnout from the general public that Farmington High School gets every year when people crowd the corner of Third and Oak streets to hear the Tiger marching band, or to see floats assembled by student groups, local businesses and community organizations.

Downtown businesses have their windows painted with messages wishing the Tigers luck this week. You can bet the stadium will be packed for Friday’s football game.

It’s a refreshing glimpse of the way things used to be. They way maybe they still should be in more places.

There will be a lot of talk this week about Tiger pride, about Farmington pride. It makes sense. There’s a lot here to be proud of.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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