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Editorial: Information is here to be found

If you are reading this editorial, it’s probably not meant for you. Which makes it just a little problematic.

If you’re reading this editorial, after all, you’re likely the kind of person who who keeps up on what’s going on in your city. You’re reading your local paper, and not just the stuff on the front.

Thanks. We appreciate that. Not everybody pays as much attention.

Consider what’s going on right now in Jaycee Park. Last week a few residents — neighbors of the park — approached the Rosemount City Council to complain about the hockey rink being relocated there. They didn’t like the lights going up around the rink, and they really didn’t like that the city hadn’t let them know the project was happening.

City employees apologized for the oversight, which is a reasonable response. What they might have done, though, is let the residents know there are other ways to keep up on what’s going on in your neighborhood.

What they might have done is point out that the very project that was such a source of concern might not have come as such a surprise if the residents had, like you, read their local paper.

We have written about this particular rink relocation and the splash pad that makes it necessary. We’ve done it more than once. We were there when city council members toured Central Park to consider locations. We were there when they decided the rinks would have to go. In these very pages we explained the rinks would move to new locations, including Jaycee Park.

This is not a new phenomenon. We have heard many times over the years people complaining that they didn’t receive information that was right there in front of them if they’d only taken a moment to look.

New technology makes it easier all the time for cities and school districts to communicate with their residents. But there is still some onus on the residents to pay attention.

Reporters at local newspapers like the Independent Town Pages put a lot of time into keeping up with what is happening around town. We print it every week and send it out to anyone who wants to subscribe. We even put it on our web page.

The information is there if you’re willing to pay attention. You know that because you’re reading this.

We’d appreciate it if you’d tell your neighbors.