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Editorial: New park is an exciting addition

There have been plenty of new parks in Farmington and Rosemount over the years. New developments go up, and green space goes along with them. Playgrounds and slides and basketball courts provide places for neighborhood kids to play.

It’s been a while, though, since either city has seen anything like the park that will open in a couple of months in Empire Township.

Whitetail Woods Regional Park is Dakota County’s first new regional park in decades. Located neatly between Farmington and Rosemount it will provide several hundred acres of opportunity for outdoor recreation.

Those opportunities will be a bit limited at first. The park will open in phases, and the phase expected to open in September will include only a small part of the amenities Whitetail Woods will offer when it is finished.

Still, the list is impressive. There will be cabins for camping and an amphitheater for entertainment. There will be trails for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. There will be access to a lake — called Empire Lake — that was previously inaccessible to any but the most dedicated adventurers.

And it will all be located right out most Farmington and Rosemount residents’ back doors. Or close enough. anyway.

This is exciting. We look forward to seeing what the park has to offer when it opens to the public in September, and we’re even more interested to see how it develops over the years.